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Welcome to the online home of Blue Four Aviation.  Blue Four Aviation offers personalized instruction and pilot services.  We have taken the best practices from both civil and military aviation to form a hybrid program that is both economical and enjoyable.  We specialize in helping military pilots achieve their civil aviation goals.  We are also highly experienced in providing world-class training to civil pilots, beginning at primary private pilot training through airline transport pilot and everything in between.

At Blue Four Aviation we believe in using a hybrid combination of traditional methods as well as new technology to improve the speed and cost of training.  Unique to Blue Four Aviation is our use of electronic publications, the internet, low-cost simulators, and text-messaging to benefit your personalized experience.  Our mission is for you to reach your aviation goals at the lowest possible price, but without cutting any corners in terms of quality of education or service.  The bottom line is that we know your bottom dollar is at work!

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Blue 4 Aviation

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